5 Sprinkle Recipes That Are Meowt-of-this-World

Written By: happycamper

It’s sprinkle time! Well, actually, according to Cakey Cat, all the time is sprinkle time. (For the record, we agree 100%!)

So, if you and your fur-ends are planning to throw a sprinkle party like Cakey, you’ll need some cat-tastic dishes to prepare. Here are five sprinkly treat recipes that’ll make your tummy say “yummy!” Don’t worry, we’ll keep the instruction short and sweet so you can get to munching!


#1 Sprinkle S’mores

Want to make a sprinklelicious version of a classic summer camp treat? Say no s’more!

If you ask us, sprinkle s’mores are paw-sibly the best treat ever. Of course, the first step is to make a s’more. Next, dip one end of your toasted treat into a bowl of melted chocolate, then sink that chocolatey end into a bowl of sprinkles! The melted chocolate will get the sprinkles to stick!

Fur-get how to make s’mores or want more details? Download the instructions at the bottom of this article and get roasting!





#2 Puffed Rice Cereal Sprinkle Treats

Get bakey like cakey with puffed rice cereal sprinkle treats. These treats are lighter than the sprinkle s’mores and just as yummy! The recipe is also supurr easy. If you want to get fancy, decorate your puffed rice cereal bars with frosting or decorating gel. Of course, don’t fur-get the sprinkles! The better you mix them with all the other ingredients, the more it’ll look like confetti. It really is a sprinkle party!

If you want our recipe, feel free to download it.


#3 Cupcakes

Want to make something fur-miliar? Something you already know how to make? Then cupcakes are the perfect treat for your sprinkle party! You’ll need all the bakey basics, like all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, unsalted butter, sugar, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, eggs. But most importantly, you’ll need sprinkles!


#4 Sprinkle Pancakes

Do you like having breakfast for dinner? Or are you having a sprinkle party early in the morning? Either way, these fluffy sprinkle pancakes are the perfect fun, colorful treat for any sprinkle party. Like with the puffed rice cereal sprinkle treats, the sprinkle pancakes have sprinkles baked into them, not just placed on top. This technique also makes the pancakes taste plenty yummy without syrup, so they’re much healthier than regular pancakes!

Don’t fur-get the whipped cream (and more sprinkles) on top!




#5 Clay Salt Donut

Okay, meow we’re going to talk about the perfect craft you can do at your sprinkle party: homemade clay salt donuts! Don’t fur-get that these donuts are not for eating! They are, however, the purrfect sprinkle-inspired knick knacks for your room. Clay salt donuts can also make fun and festive Christmas tree ornaments.

No matter what treat or sprinkly-treat-inspired craft you decide to make at your sprinkle party, you deserve to treat yourself to that sweet sunshine, just like Cakey Cat always says!

Bonus tip: Change up the colors of sprinkles you use to fit whatever occasion or holiday you’re baking for, whether that’s Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. If you’re having a sprinkle party for the sake of sprinkles themselves, go with classic rainbow sprinkles! Download pdfs here.

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