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5 Fun Valentine’s Day Crafts And Activities

Written By: Adriana Ramirez

Not sure what to do for your Valentine’s Day party, stuck and trying to figure out what to do? Tired of cutting out multiple hearts to make a Valentine’s Day card? Well, we have some great activities and crafts you can do to have some fun on Valentine’s Day.

candy heartsValentine Heart Stack

Here is a fun Valentine’s Day party game using chopsticks! See how many Valentine candy hearts you can stack on top of each other in 30 seconds. This can be played with a team or as individual players.

Musical Chairs: Who Do You love?

Love musical chairs? Well then this is a game for you. Super easy and fun to play, adn the best part this game has no winners or losers.

How to play:

Grab your friends and grab some chairs, arrange your chairs in a circle facing inside.

Take one less chair out of the circle so you have one person stand up and be the “it” person in the circle.

The “it” person will go up to a random person sitting down and ask, “who do you love?” and the person sitting down will reply with any answer. For example, “I love anyone that has a sibling, anyone that loves candy, or anyone that loves dogs.” Anyone that can relate to those questions (even the “it” person) will get up and find another empty seat to sit in and anyone who is left standing will be the next “it” person.

Repeat the same steps until everyone decides they are finished playing.


Mittens And Kisses

This game can be played with teams or as individual players. All you need is a pair of winter mittens and Hershey kisses. See who can unwrap the kisses faster while wearing your gloves!


heart rockValentine Friendship Rocks

Make yourself your very own friendship rock! You just need paint, a rock, a marker, and your thumb.

Dip your thumb in your color of paint and make an imprint on the rock to make a heart. Decorate your rock with your marker and voila, you have your cute little rock!

kid with straw artStraw And Watercolor Decorating

Who knew straws could be used for decorating? Grab any type of straw you have, favorite watercolors, paper, and scissors. To make it festive cut out a heart in any color paper you have, with your straw you are going to dip it in your watercolors for your color. After you dipped your straw then aim your straw at your paper and start blowing through it. You’ll see the different designs that are made with your breath. Use different colors to decorate your paper.

If you liked these activities, check out our Arts and Crafts Camp.

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