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5 Camps To Sign Your Child Up For This Summer

Written By: happycamper

If you’re still considering what your child’s summer plans look like, consider these five types of summer camps. Finding the summer camp that’s right for your child may take a little bit of research, but it’ll be worth it to give them a unique experience where they can continue learning, making friends, and having fun.


Sleepaway Camp

A sleepaway camp is the ultimate summer camp experience because kids learn how to be away from home, they make friends, and they try a wide variety of indoor and outdoor summer camp activities. From game nights, to tug of war and talent shows, there’s bound to be something that will excite your child. Sleepaway camps are often more expensive than day camps because they are caring for your child all day and night, and often for more than a day at a time. When considering sending your child to sleepaway camp, research the price and options that work for both you and your child.


Art Camp

Kids can explore their creative side with art summer camps and classes. Choose from basic crafts to beginning drawing skills, ceramics, painting, felting, and more.

Check with your local art gallery to see what summer programming is offered. Local libraries will occasionally host craft events or know of other camps in the community.

Visit Happy Camper Live’s Arts & Crafts Camp for fun virtual ideas on crafts the whole family can make at home. From mason jar lights to green alien goo, there’s bound to be a craft that will grab your interest.


Music Camp

If your child has a budding music talent, consider enrolling them in a summer music camp. Research camps for that specific instrument, and you will likely find summer classes or programs in your area. There are music camps across the country, or you could consider hiring a music tutor and holding “music camp” in your own home as your schedule allows it. Summer is a great time for kids to play, learn, and grow skills while they have more time on their hands.

Get inspired with one of Happy Camper Live’s music camps: guitar, ukulele, percussion, singing or keyboard camp.


Sports Camp

Kids need physical activity, and if your child loves sports, why not sign them up for a sports camp? Check with local YMCAs, Parks & Recreation Departments, or even school districts for summer sports camp programming. Sports camp is a great way to get a deep dive into a sport to get even better at skills. For first-timers to a sport, camp can provide a great introduction to the sport and help kids build their confidence while they learn from others.

At Happy Camper Live, we have virtual sports camps you can participate in from your own home. Check out our basketball, baseball, golf, gymnastics, hockey, lacrosse, taekwondo, soccer, tennis or volleyball camps.


roboticsScience Camp

Learning doesn’t stop just because school is out. Science camp is a great option for the curious child who loves to learn. They also come in a wide variety of formats: robotics, zoology, space, dinosaurs and fossils, chemistry, and more. Check with your local science center, museum, or outdoor club to see what types of camps or day activities are available throughout the summer.

For more science fun, check out Happy Camper Live’s Science Camp.

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