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4 Ways To Cool Off During Summer

Written By: happycamper

Summer is a time for fun, laughter and finding creative ways to stay cool. Don’t let the warm weather keep you indoors. Stay hydrated and beat the summer heat with these fun ideas.

Check out these 4 ways to cool off during summer!


Make Homemade Popsicleshomemade popsicles with gummy worms

Homemade popsicles are a great way to stay cool in summer. Grab a couple of popsicle molds from the store, some fruit juice, fresh or frozen fruit pieces, and gummy worms or any other ingredients you want to include in the popsicle. Simply fill the mold halfway with your fruit pieces and candy, then add your liquid to the mold. Finally, add the popsicle stick, or use the piece that comes with the mold, and place it in your freezer until it’s completely frozen. Enjoy your popsicles on a hot day!

There are so many combinations to try: strawberry lemonade, fruit juice, watermelon pieces with mint. Mix it up!


Sprinklers Obstacle Course

Create an outside obstacle course using your sprinklers! Get creative and set up areas where you jump over the water, duck under the water, and weave in and out of the sprinklers. You can also create regular obstacles and have your sprinklers set to misting so it’s cool as you run through the course. This can be as challenging or as easy as you like!


Have A Water Balloon Fight

An epic water balloon fight is the ultimate way to end your summer. Gather up your friends, a couple of buckets and some water balloons. Use a hose or sink to fill up all of the water balloons, the more the better. Divide them up into the buckets so everyone has their own stash.

Head outside, spread out and count down to the big fight. 3-2-1 and GO! Have fun throwing and dodging water balloons. Even if you get hit, it’s a win on a hot day!


Visit A Splashpad Or Poolkids at pool

What’s better than jumping into a cold pool on a hot day? If your city parks department has a pool or park with a splashpad this is usually a free or affordable option for families. Grab your floaties, towel, sunscreen and swimsuit and head over to the park or pool for a cool day of fun! Fun pool games include freeze tag, canon ball contests, and races from one end of the pool to another.

What are you waiting for? Try some of these activities and let us know which one was your favorite! For other fun summer ideas, check out our on-demand activities.




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