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Family activities


4 Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day

Written By: happycamper

Father’s Day is right around the corner, so here are some ideas on how to make the day fun! Spend it with your family, and make it special for your dad. 

Here are 4 ways to celebrate Father’s Day!


Cook Breakfast For Dadbacon, eggs, potatoes and toast breakfast

Dads love breakfast. Let him sleep in a little while you take care of breakfast. Go for a savory dish like bacon, egg and potatoes, or try making something sweet like French toast. If you’re new to cooking, get an older sibling or an adult to help you. Check out this Happy Camper Live breakfast in bed checklist.


Make Dad A Card

Make a unique card that dad will treasure for years. Check out this necktie card template! Simply print, cut it out and then decorate it however you choose. You can use markers, paint or colored pencils to transform it into a tie your dad will love.


Enjoy The Outdoorsdad hiking with kid

Spend Father’s Day enjoying the great outdoors! Get some fresh air and head outside with dad. Head to your dad’s favorite fishing hole. Pick a new trail and go for a hike. Head to the lake, a nearby park, or just hang out in your backyard. There are so many ways to spend the day in the sun!


Host A Father’s Day Olympics

Get a little competitive this Father’s Day by challenging your dad and siblings to a Father’s Day Olympics. Happy Camper Live has come up with a printable Father’s Day Olympics game. See who can: throw the baseball the farthest, get to the mailbox first, tie a tie the fastest, name the most sports team, make the best ice cream float or build the coolest Lego creation. Come up with your own Olympics ideas too to keep the fun going!

We hope this helped you with some ideas for how to celebrate your dad this Father’s Day!

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Family activities

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