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4 Ideas For Hosting a Claw-some Dance Party Playdate

Written By: happycamper

Ready to party like it’s your purr-thday? Or maybe it’s actually your purr-thday! In any case, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to tell you how to host a claw-some dance party playdate so you and your fur-ends can dance like a Gabby cat—which means, dance however you want!

Dancing isn’t just fun. Science shows that dancing makes humans feel cat-tastic, especially when they dance with other people. Invite your fur-ends over for a dance party playdate, and use these ideas to set things in motion!

#1 Learn from Larry

Are you and your fur-ends not sure what moves to try first? Don’t fur-et! The Happy Camper Live website has lots of videos featuring Hip-Hop Guru Larry. He’ll teach you how to bust a move with cattitude! If you’re feline confident, you can go all out and try one of his hip-hop combinations!

#2 Pass the Parcel

If you really want to get everyone in the groove, this is the perfect activity for your dance party playdate! Download the instructions attached to this article if you’re un-fur-miliar with Pass the Parcel or need a refresher.

Pass the Parcel is a classic paw-ty game. Each layer of the parcel will have a card presenting a dance move challenge (for example, “do the Mercat snap”). You and your paw-ty guests will pass the parcel around until the package is totally unwrapped. What happens if you don’t know the dance move on the card? Take DJ Catnip’s advice: “do your own thing!” Show the world you can move like that!

Don’t fur-get to play music in the background while the game’s going on!

#3 Groove

Still can’t find your groove? Head over to the music room with DJ Catnip! His song “Groove” is guaranteed to make you shake your tail!

#4 CD Suncatcher Craft

This craft is purrfect for your dance party playdate. Why? Well, first of all, it’s made using a CD, which plays music! Not purr-suaded yet? Check out our craft instructions attached to this article and see all the groovy jewels and sparkles you can add to your CD to make it dance in the light!

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