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3 String DIY Artwork Projects

Written By: Adriana Ramirez

Get creative this winter! Here are some fun art projects to do with your kids this holiday break. String art is a fun way to be creative and create patterns. Try something new and play with string art.


String Art With Nailsstring art

Have you ever thought of creating artwork out of yarn, nails, and wood? Those three things and your imagination can make the most creative things ever. You just need a wooden plaque your choice of string, nails, and an adult’s help. You would first draw out what you want to create, make a stencil of it on the plaque. Next you have an adult help you hammer in the nails on the outline of your design. Next is the fun part, you just weave the string around each nail in a random order making sure there are no holes. Once you get started it will start to make sense and become easier.



String Letter Wrapping

All you need with this DIY is string and a letter plaque. You can use whichever size you want as well as whatever letter you like. For this project I highly recommend using your initial, its your project why not use your name! With your string you are going to tightly wrap your letter in your string in any direction or design you’d like. You want to make sure you can no longer see the material of the letter. When you’re finished you can glue the end of your string to your letter and let it dry.


string artString Mural in Nature

Bored and not sure what to do? Well head outside with some string to make a colorful and vibrant mural in nature. Just start wrapping string around your trees, bushes, backyard,  or front yard. Mix and match colors and see what creation you end up making. There is no wrong or right way to do it so just have fun with it!

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