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Power Vocals

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Percussion Camp

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Meet Music Counselor

Counselor Griffin Miller

Banging bongos

Tips for hand-drumming

Creating Beats

Things you can bang on

Read Music

Easy tips from an expert

Drum Roll Please

Top tips for drummers

Stick Skills

Pro drum drills

Guitar Camp

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Know Your Guitar

Frets, dots, and body

Guitar: G and C Chords

Easy to play

Guitar: D Chord

Impress your friends

Strum Away!

Practice strumming guitar

Jam Time, Part 1

Write a guitar song!

Jam Time Part 2!

Write a guitar song!

Singing Camp

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Intro to Singing

Meet counselor Melissa!


Good air, better singing

Power Vocals

Clarity and confidence

Breathing & Power

Breath control

Vocal Work-Out

Train to be rock star

Sound Dynamics

Pro singing tips

Vocal Control

Protect your voice

The Singalong

Fun camp songs

Singing Interview

Hear more from Melissa

Ukulele Camp

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Intro to Ukulele

Learn how to play Ukulele

C&G Chords

Easy to learn chords

F&A Minor Chords

Strumming secrets

Hum & Strum

Singing and playing!

Ukulele Happy Camper

A simple first song


Finding inspiration

Ukulele Interview

Interview with David

Keyboard Camp

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Piano Intro

Intro to Piano

Basic Piano

Finding notes is easy

Piano: The C Scale

Start in the middle


All about timing

Piano Minor Chords

Know the black keys

Piano Major Chords

The Magic of 1-3-5


Beyond moon, June, spoon