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Bunk Cheers

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Peel Bananas!

Cheer and recipe!

Boom Chica Boom

Classic camp cheer

The Jungle Cheer

You gotta shout louder

We're Red Hot!

A red hot cheer!

Telephone Cheer

Call all your friends.

Cheerleading and Hula Hoop Camp

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Rock & Roll Cheer

Gotta stretch with this!

Good Luck Cheer

Perfect for teams

Get Psyched Cheer

Whip up a crowd

Hula Hoopin'

Fun in a circle

Clapping Games

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Zoomy Zoomy

A summer camp favorite!

"Kumcha" Camp Game

Clap along with friends!


Learn a new camp game

The Old Lady's Cat

Another fun clapping game

South African Songs and Cheers

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You Can Do It!

South African camp songs

Get Energized

South African cheers

Sing With Me!

Voices of celebration

Mandela Money

A song of civil rights

Sing Better Together

Friends join voices

Say Hey!

Learn a new language

Wanna Be A Penguin?

Crazy cheers

Tears of a Child

South African song